High/Low 60lb Centro-Matic Reservoir Lubricant Sensor

System Description:

Lincoln Industrial developed a new Ultrasonic High/Low Sensor to make it easier to determine when our 60 lb. Centro-Matic® automated lubrication system reservoir is getting low on lubricant and when it’s refilled to capacity.

The new sensor detects the position of the follower plate with ultrasonic waves to report the lubricant level. The sensor, which is factory programmed for the Lincoln Industrial 60 lb. reservoir, is available for use with both air operated reciprocating and FlowMaster™ rotary-driven hydraulic pumps. It has two outputs that drive external signaling devices or connect with a customer’s PLC. Three standard LEDs offer visual indication of the sensor’s status and reservoir level.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate low-level indication
  • Tells operator when to stop refilling reservoir
  • Connects to a remote light or alarm
  • Works with a customer’s PLC
System Specifications
Ambient temperature range-13°F to 158°F (-25°C to 70°C)
Power supply operating range
Current (less load)
20 – 30 VDC
60 mA
Switching outputs:
Maximum current200 mA
High levelNO contact (closes when full)
Low levelNC contact (opens when low)