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Mission Statement

Lubrication Equipment and Supply Co., Inc will constantly strive to provide the latest technology in automatic lubrication systems, lubricants, off-road fueling equipment, user-validated products and hose and fitting components to the industrial and mining marketplace.

Common Goals

  • Accept Only Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
  • Solicit and Encourage Creative Ideas from our Customers and our Co-workers
  • Accept the Challenges Posed by New Ideas

Our Vision

We envision Lubrication Equipment and Supply Co., Inc. as the premier distributor in the expanding marketplace of Industrial Lubrication Systems and Fluid Connector Technology. Our focus will be on constantly looking ahead, updating, growing and exhibiting quality in all ways.

We take pride in regarding Lubrication Equipment and Supply Co., Inc. as the best in our field and will continue to build our reputation as a dependable, innovative and first class organization.