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Economical Transfer Pump

The new Lincoln 4475 Series pump is a truly affordable, easy to use and effective transfer pump.


You no longer have to stretch your budget for air-operated pumps that are “overkill” and overpriced, or settle for manual pumps for light fluid transfer applications. This one is right sized and right priced!

This low-cost, air-operated metallic positive
displacement piston pump transfers and dispenses
low to medium viscosity fluids such as motor oil,
transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid. The
positive displacement alternative to other low cost
pump technologies lets you control the flow rate for
clean, direct transfer operations as well as applications
using meters for precise volume dispensing.


  • Oil Change Outlets
  • Motor Vehicle Service (Dealerships, Fleets, Municipalities)
  • Agricultural Equipment Service
  • Construction Equipment Service
  • Industrial Plants, Mines and Mills

Product Description

The heart of the 4475 pump is a reciprocating-piston, low-pressure pump design. Air powers the pump’s piston on the dispensing, or working, stroke. An internal spring returns the piston and resets it for the workingstroke. It pumps continuously when the dispensing (fluid outlet) valve is open and 20-120 psig air is supplied to the pump.

Model No. Description Material Outlet Operation Pump Tube Length Attachment
Bare Pump 3/8" or 1⁄/2" NPTF Pneumatic fluid
delivery stroke,
spring return stroke
(86 cm)
2" Bung, adjustable
55 & 16 gal. drums,
bench & portable
4480 Spigot Pump Spigot extension
with on/off valve

Model No. Effective Pump Ratio Inlet Air Pressure Output/Stroke Free Delivery
4475 Approx. 0.7:1 to 0.8:1
depending on inlet air pressure
Max: 120 psi (8.3 bar)
Min: 20 psig (1.4 bar)
2.9 in3
(48 cm3)
Up to 4 gpm
(15 lpm)